About Us

About Us

High-Performance Server Hosting Since 2020

Since 2020, we have been focused on delivering powerful and stable servers at competitive prices. Our mission is to make hosting accessible and easy for everyone.

Hosting Since 2020Our History

In the beginning of 2020, Christian founded PineRiver with a clear intention of offering servers with exceptional support, reasonable prices, and reliability as the main goals. Since 2020, PineRiver has provided servers for various games and expanded its services to cover a variety of games. While PineRiver initially focused on Minecraft, the company has broadened its coverage to more games and expanded its focus area, all while maintaining the original goal. This aim to provide server hosting with excellent support, reasonable prices, and reliability also requires dedication and effort to build a solid structure.

about.values.subtitleOur Values

PineRiver invests significant time and resources in continuous development. Through ongoing evaluation and responsiveness to feedback from our customers, we strive for constant improvement of our services. Our goal is to simplify and enhance server administration for our customers. Our experience with various server providers has driven us to identify and address shortcomings in existing services. At PineRiver, we use these insights to create a more optimal solution. We are committed to delivering a hosting experience that meets customer needs by offering thoughtful solutions. This reflects our dedication to continuous improvement and expertise.


We prioritize customer satisfaction. Through exceptional service and tailored solutions, we address their unique needs. We are committed to close

High Uptime

Minimal downtime and stable operation are our promises to customers. We guarantee 99.9% uptime on all our servers.


We are driven by continuous innovation and exploration of new technologies. By delivering top-notch hosting solutions and tailored strategies, we assist our customers.


We invest in state-of-the-art server infrastructure that ensures powerful performance, scalability, and data protection.



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HardwareOur Server Hardware

We aim to be as transparent as possible with our customers, and one of the foundations is being transparent about the hardware we provide to our customers.

  • AMD Ryzen 9 5900X, Intel i7 8700, AMD Epyc 7003, Intel Skylake CPUs
  • 400+ MB/s r/w SSDs & 2500+ MB/s r/w NVMe SSDs
  • DDR4 RAM @ 2100+ MHz
  • 10000 Mbps uplink minimum everywhere

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Our Team

Meet the Team Behind PineRiver

Christian pineriver

Christian S.

CEO / Director

I'm responsible for the administration and our finances.

Emil pineriver

Emil N.

CTO / Technical Admin

I'm responsible for all the technical aspects and maintenance of our platforms.

Nicolai pineriver

Nicolai F.

COO / Developer

I take care of the administration and develop our platforms.

Kevin pineriver

Kevin P.


I help our customers on a daily basis with various questions.

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