Terms of Service

Terms of Service

Read the terms you agree to when purchasing a product/service from PineRiver.


Typographical and spelling errors are reserved. PineRiver agrees to provide services to the consumer, subject to the following ("Terms of Service"). We use different terms to refer to "PineRiver" in this document, "PineRiver," "we," "our," and "us" refer to PineRiver.dk. "customer," "consumer," "buyer," "you," "your" refer to you as a consumer of our service. We use the term "SDS" as an abbreviation for "Shared Dedicated Server." By making any purchase from PineRiver.dk, you accept these terms of service, having read, understood, and committed to staying updated on them.

1. General Renting at PineRiver

PineRiver can change terms and rental prices at any time, except for products already under the old price. PineRiver reserves the right to access customer data and product data if there is suspicion of illegal activity or violation of terms of service. It is the customer's responsibility to keep their account information updated and accurate.

2. Data Responsibility

By using products from PineRiver, it's the customer's responsibility; PineRiver is not liable for data and content. This means the customer is accountable for offensive or illegal material.

3. Right of Withdrawal

We waive the normal 14-day right of withdrawal since the product the customer receives is a virtual product and is used immediately. Exceptions can be made in special cases where PineRiver is responsible for significant downtime of the customer's product. PineRiver is not liable if the customer purchases the wrong product; however, in such cases, the customer can contact PineRiver support to find a solution to receive the correct product.

4. Scripts

PineRiver offers some scripts; customers who self-install scripts on their product must not overly burden the server.

5. Payment and Setup

Upon purchasing a product, an invoice is issued. Once the customer has paid for the product, a subscription will be created (Point 9), and the customer's product setup will commence. Customers can choose to renew the server every 1, 3, 6, or 12 months.

6. Renewal and Expiry of Product

It is the customer's responsibility to extend their lease period of their product. A bill will be created, which must be paid 10 days before the product's expiry. 7 days before the expiration date, the customer will receive an email about their product's impending expiration. If the customer is signed up for automatic payment, and the chosen payment method is a credit card (quickpay), we will charge every day at 7 PM and 5 days before the due date to avoid potential payment issues. If paid via PayPal, it will be on the original due date at the same time. If the product is not paid after the expiry date, the customer will receive an email daily for 3 days, notifying them that their product has expired and will be deleted soon if not paid. If the customer hasn't paid their product 7 days after the expiry date, it will be automatically deleted and cannot be restored.

7. Cancellation of Product

If the customer wishes to cancel their product, they can manually cancel it via PayPal's website by canceling automatic payment and letting the product expire. The customer can also contact support to have their product canceled. Upon cancellation through support, some questions might be asked before the cancellation is processed. The customer has a 5-day cancellation period (12:00 PM); if not canceled 5 days before the expiry date, we can extend the product by 1 month.

8. Chargeback

If a customer initiates a chargeback on their product, PineRiver reserves the right to suspend the customer's product until the chargeback case is resolved. The lease period will still continue; refer to 5.1. PineRiver also reserves the right to call the customer on the phone number provided during account creation.

9. Personal Data and Information

PineRiver does not distribute its information to a third party; information between PineRiver and the customer remains confidential. According to the Personal Data Act, customers have the right to full insight into the information PineRiver holds about them. It's the customer's responsibility to ensure their account's security; if the account is exposed to unauthorized use, PineRiver recommends using a password with special characters, uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and that it does not resemble any of the other passwords the customer normally uses.

10. Violation of Terms

If the customer violates the applicable rules, PineRiver will issue a warning via email, and upon repeated violations, the user or product will be closed or deleted. PineRiver reserves the right to close the customer's account or delete the customer's product.

11. Data Loss or Disappeared Data

PineRiver cannot be held liable for lost data due to power outages, system failures, break-ins, or the like. The customer is fully responsible for all data and lost data.

12. Automatic Subscription Payment

When ordering a product, the customer subscribes to automatic payment, and the product will automatically renew on the expiry date. If the customer wishes to unsubscribe from automatic subscription payment, they must notify us in writing via email or support ticket. The customer can also cancel automatic payment through PayPal's website if the chosen payment method is PayPal.

13. Support

We assist with nearly everything, but we reserve the right to decline if we're busy, don't have the solution, it takes a significant amount of time, it's not through our support system or email, it's an abuse of support, or it's not related to your product, or similar.

14. Server Rules & EULA

The rules and EULA rules associated with the products we host are automatically accepted by the customer upon purchasing the product.

15. Game Server Storage

All customers with a game server have a limited amount of storage space. All our game servers have 20 GB of space, and Minecraft servers have 4 GB (4096MB) per GB of RAM. If you, as a customer, have higher consumption than allowed, you can arrange for an elevated limit with a special agreement. If you don't have this agreement and you have overconsumption, we reserve the right to suspend your product and send you a warning email to rectify the situation within 7 days. If this is not addressed, we have the right to make necessary decisions, including deletion, as deemed appropriate.

15.1 Game Server Resource Consumption

If the customer utilizes an unfair amount of resources compared to the number of other customers on the same machine and their products, PineRiver reserves the right to suspend the server(s) with excessive consumption and notify the customer via email, requesting correction within 4 days. If not corrected, PineRiver reserves the right to suspend the product and, in extreme cases, delete the product or the part of the product causing the excessive resource consumption.

16. EULA

All servers, along with associated EULA and rules, are accepted by PineRiver on behalf of the customer during the setup of their product. Upon ordering a product, the customer automatically accepts the product's EULA and rules.

17. VPS Windows

We offer Linux for free and Windows Server for VPS servers. The customer can rent a license through us for Windows Server or install a Windows Server license themselves. We are not responsible if it runs without a license, but a license is required.

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